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Neil Young - Return To Greendale Dlx. Edition (2xVinyl/2xCD/Blu-Ray/DVD)

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Return to Greendale is the next installment in Neil Young’s Performance Series (#16) and features a concert (audio & on film) from the historic and unique 2003 tour supporting the release of the Neil Young with Crazy Horse album Greendale.

On the 2003 tour, Neil Young and Crazy Horse were joined on stage by a large cast of singers and actors to perform the story Neil Young wrote about the small town of Greendale and how a dramatic event affects the people living there. The ten songs from the powerful original album are performed in sequence, with the cast speaking the sung words - adding to the intensity of the performance.

The film of the ambitious live show captures the vibrancy of Neil Young and Crazy Horse on stage in a unique multi-media experience. It seamlessly blends together the live performance, the actors portraying each song, with the story occasionally enhanced by scenes from the Greendale - The Movie.

Both the live concert film and the Inside Greendale documentary are directed by Bernard Shakey and produced by L. A. Johnson.

Tracklist LP/CD/Blu-Ray

Falling from Above
Double E
Devil’s Sidewalk
Leave the Driving
Grandpa’s Interview
Bringin’ Down Dinner
Sun Green
Be The Rain

Inside Greendale DVD:

The making of Greendale: Neil Young and Crazy Horse in the studio recording the original Greendale album, intertwined with segments from Greendale – The Movie.
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