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Young, Neil: Official Release Series Discs 13, 14, 20 & 21 (4xCD)

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This box set continues the chronological reissue of Neil Young’s official releases, remastered where analog tapes exist. Volume 4, released as a 4-LP box set and 4-CD box set, includes 1980’s Hawks & Doves (ORS 13), 1981’s Re*Ac*Tor (with Crazy Horse) (ORS 14), 1988’s This Notes for You (ORS 20) and 1989’s Eldorado (ORS 21). These albums conclude the 1982-1987 period in which Neil recorded for Geffen Records, hence the non-consecutive ORS numbers.

This is the first official vinyl release of Eldorado, a 5-track mini-album (previously only released on CD in Australia and Japan), and it features two highly sought-after tracks, “Cocaine Eyes” and “Heavy Love”.

The Hawks & Doves, Re*Ac*Tor and This Notes for You vinyls were all remastered from the original analog tapes by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. The Eldorado vinyl was mastered with the 44 / 16 digital master.


Disc 13
1: Little Wing
2: The Old Homestead
3: Lost In Space
4: Captain Kennedy
5: Stayin’ Power
6: Coastline
7: Union Man
8: Comin’ Apart at Every Nail
9: Hawks & Doves

Disc 14
1: Opera Star
2: Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze
3: T-Bone
4: Get Back On It
5: Southern Pacific
6: Motor City
7: Rapid Transit
8: Shots

Disc 20
1: Ten Men Workin’
2: This Note’s For You
3: Coupe de Ville
4: Life in the City
5: Twilight
6: Married Man
7: Sunny Inside
8: Can’t Believe Your Lyin’
9: Hey Hey
10: One Thing

Disc 21
1: Cocaine Eyes
2: Don’t Cry
3: Heavy Love
4: On Broadway
5: Eldorado
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