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Depeche Mode: Construction Time Again - The Singles Box (6xVinyl)

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All of Depeche Mode’s singles are to be re-released on 12" vinyl. Depeche Mode 12" singles collector's edition box set series remastered from original audio tapes and cut at Abbey Road, vinyl singles packaged in deluxe numbered box sets to be released by Sony Music Entertainment.

Each box set in the series will contain the singles from each Depeche Mode album campaign on audiophile-quality 12" vinyl, with audio remastered from the original tapes and cut at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. The artwork for the exterior of each of the new box sets draws on street art iconography inspired by the original releases, while the vinyl sleeves themselves feature the original vinyl single artwork.

The Construction Time Again - The 12” Singles box includes three reproductions of limited singles which each feature four bonus live performances recorded at London’s Hammersmith Odeon on October 25, 1982.


Disc 1
1. Get The Balance Right!(Combination Mix)
2. The Great Outdoors!
3. Tora!Tora!Tora!(Live)

Disc 2
1. Get The Balance Right!(Original Mix)
2. My Secret Garden (Live)
3. See You (Live)
4. Satellite (Live)
5. Tora!Tora!Tora!(Live)

Disc 3
1. Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts)
2. Work Hard (East End Remix)

Disc 4
1. Everything Counts (Original 7’’ Mix)
2. New Life (Live)
3. Boys Say Go!(Live)
4. Nothing To Fear (Live)
5. The Meaning Of Love (Live)

Disc 5
1. Love In Itself•3
2. Fools (Bigger)
3. Love In Itself•4

Disc 6
1. Love In Itself•2
2. Just Can’t Get Enough (Live)
3. A Photograph Of You (Live)
4. Shout (Live)
5. Photographic (Live)
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