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Clapton, Eric/Winwood, Steve: Live From Madison Square Garden (2xDVD)

Clapton, Eric/Winwood, Steve: Live From Madison Square Garden (2xDVD)
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Disc 1
1 Had To Cry Today [Live From Madiso Square Garden]
2 Low Down [Live From Madison Squaregarden]
3 Them Changes [Live From Madison Sqare Garden]
4 Forever Man [Live From Madison Squre Garden]
5 Sleeping In The Ground [Live Fromadison Square Garden]
6 Presence Of The Lord [Live From Maison Square Garden]
7 Glad [Live From Madison Square Garen]
8 Well All Right [Live From Madisonquare Garden]
9 Double Trouble [Live From Madisonquare Garden]
10 Pearly Queen [Live From Madison Sqare Garden]
11 Tell The Truth [Live From Madisonquare Garden]
12 No Face, No Name, No Number [Liverom Madison Square Garden]
13 After Midnight [Live From Madisonquare Garden]
14 Split Decision [Live From Madisonquare Garden]
15 Rambling On My Mind [Live From Madson Square Garden]
16 Georgia On My Mind [Live From Madion Square Garden]
17 Little Wing [Live From Madison Squre Garden]
18 Voodoo Chile [Live From Madison Sqare Garden]
19 Can't Find My Way Home [Live Fromadison Square Garden]
20 Dear Mr. Fantasy [Live From Madiso Square Garden]
21 Cocaine [Live From Madison Squarearden]

Disc 2
The Road to Madison Square Garden-- an exclusive documentary featuring new interviews with Eric and Steve, together with rare footage and photographs of Cream, Traffic and Blind Faith Rambling On My Mind-- The final preparation for the three legendary performances highlighted by an acoustic soundcheck performance by Eric of the Robert Johnson standard

Bonus Performances

Lowdown Crossroads
Kind Hearted Woman