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Prince: Chaos And Disorder (CD)

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Released in July 1996, Chaos and Disorder came with a rare disclaimer penned by Prince (then known as the unpronounceable love symbol): Originally intended 4 private use only, this compilation serves as the last original material recorded by [The Artist] 4 Warner Bros. Records. Princes contentious relationship with the label was at its lowest point, and this recorda taut 39 minutes of dexterous guitar and simple but addictive pop melodieswas a crucial final link in the chain that kept him from releasing his music the way he wanted. Someone told me that Van Halen did their first record in a week, Prince told the Los Angeles Times of the albums quick creation. Thats what we were going forspontaneity, seeing how fast and hard we could thrash it out.


Chaos and Disorder
I Like It There
Dinner with Delores
The Same December
Right the Wrong
I Rock, Therefore I Am
Into the Light
I Will
Dig U Better Dead
Had U
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