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McAlmont & Butler: The Sound Of McAlmont & Butler - 20th ann. edt. (2xVinyl/2xCD/DVD/Bog)

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In early 1995, Bernard Butler started searching for someone to sing a new composition of his. After some false starts, he was paired with David McAlmont, and they recorded the instant classic “Yes”, a number 8 hit in May that year. Follow-up single “You Do” went Top 20, and the album followed in November.

For this 20th anniversary deluxe book set edition of this much-loved classic, the album has been remastered by Bernard Butler himself from the original tapes, along with a 15 track bonus CD of demos, remixes, single versions and a BBC radio session. The album is also presented on 180 gram vinyl LP, along with a four track 12” single, and a 32 page book of notes and photos.

The DVD showcases the promo videos for ‘Yes’ and ‘You Do’, as well as the duo’s three appearances on Top Of The Pops, and their legendary appearance on Later… with Jools Holland. In the Bonus Features, filmed in June 2015, David and Bernard discuss the writing and recording of the album for an hour, and then perform acoustic versions of three songs.


Original Album - LP

A1 Yes (Full Version)
A2 What's The Excuse This Time?
A3 The Right Thing
A4 Although
A5 Don't Call It Soul
A6 Disappointment / Interval

B1 The Debitor
B2 How About You?
B3 Tonight
B4 You'll Lose A Good Thing
B5 You Do (Full Length)

12" Bonus VINYL

C1 Yes
C2 You Do

D1 Yes (Demo)
D2 You Do (Demo)

Original Album - CD

Yes (Full Version)
What's The Excuse This Time?
The Right Thing
Don't Call It Soul
Disappointment / Interval
The Debitor
How About You?
You'll Lose A Good Thing
You Do (Full Length)

Bonus CD

Yes (Demo)
Yes (Four Track Demo)
Yes (Instrumental)
You Do (Demo)
You Do (Mix 1)
Don't Call It Soul (Demo)
Don't Call It Soul (Original Single Version)
How About You? (Original Single Version)
Tonight (Oompah Demo)
You Do (BBC Radio 1 Simon Mayo Session, 17.10.95)
Walk On (BBC Radio 1 Simon Mayo Session, 17.10.95)
Tonight (Overnight)
What's The Excuse This Time? (2015 Remix)
Yes (Bernard Butler & Nigel Godrich 1995 Remix)
The Argument

Yes (Promo Video)
You Do (Promo Video)
Yes (Top Of The Pops, 18.5.95)
Yes (Top Of The Pops, 25.5.95)
You Do (Later... With Jools Holland, 10.6.95)
You Do (Top Of The Pops, 2.11.95)
David McAlmont And Bernard Butler Discussion
Don't Call It Soul (Live Acoustic 2015)
How About You? (Live Acoustic 2015)
You Do (Live Acoustic 2015)
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