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Led Zeppelin: In Through the Out Door Dlx. (2xCD)

Led Zeppelin: In Through the Out Door Dlx. (2xCD)
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Helt nyt mix og numre

Remastered album packaged in a replica of the original LP jacket.

On its release in the summer of 1979, In Through The Out Door topped the U.S. and UK album charts and has since been certified six-times platinum. Sadly, it would be the last album that Led Zeppelin recorded prior to drummer John Bonham’s passing the following year. Among the seven album tracks are “Fool In The Rain” and “All My Love,” two songs that remain rock radio staples to this day.


1. “In The Evening”

2. “South Bound Saurez”

3. “Fool In The Rain”

4. “Hot Dog”

5. “Carouselambra”

6. “All My Love”

7. “I’m Gonna Crawl”

Companion Audio

1. “In The Evening” (Rough Mix)

2. “Southbound Piano” (South Bound Saurez - Rough Mix)

3. “Fool In The Rain” (Rough Mix)

4. “Hot Dog” (Rough Mix)

5. “The Epic” (Carouselambra - Rough Mix)

6. “The Hook” (All My Love - Rough Mix)

7. “Blot” (I’m Gonna Crawl - Rough Mix)
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