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Diverse Kunstnere: Revolt Into Style 1979 (3xCD)

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CD 1
Bill Nelson's Red Noise - Revolt into Style
Eddie and the Hot Rods - Media Messiahs
Andy Arthurs - I Feel Flat
Magazine - Rhythm of Cruelty (Single Version)
The Cannibals - You Can't
John Cooper Clarke - Gimmix! Play Loud
Dead Fingers Talk - the Boyfriend
The Only Ones - You Got to Pay
Glaxo Babies - Who Killed Bruce Lee?
Sham 69 - Questions and Answers (Single Version)
Fingerprintz - Night Nurse
Siouxsie and the Banshees - the Staircase (Mystery)
The Squares - Stop Being a Boy
The Fall - Rebellious Jukebox
Alternative TV - Graves of Deluxe Green
Patrik Fitzgerald - All Sewn Up
Tubeway Army - Me, I Disconnect from You
The Outsiders - White Debt
The Members - Soho-a-go-go
Three Party Split - Dubious Parentage
X-ray Spex - Highly Inflammable
Jonnie and the Lubes - I Got Rabies
Toyah - Victims of the Riddle (Part 1)
Ian Dury and the Blockheads - Sink My Boats

CD 2
Squeeze - Up the Junction
The Clash - Groovy Times
The Records - Girls That Don't Exist
The Skids - Masquerade
Clive Langer and the Boxes - the Whole World
Echo and the Bunnymen - Read It in Books
The Faders - Library Book
Gang of Four - at Home He's a Tourist
Joy Division - Disorder
The Numbers - Alternative Suicide
The Jags - Back of My Hand
The Teardrop Explodes - Bouncing Babies (Zoo Version)
The Cravats - Burning Bridges
Adam and the Ants - Whip in My Valise
Fashion - Citinite
The Undertones - Here Comes the Summer
Cult Figures - Zip Nolan (Extended Mix)
Pretenders - Kid
The Quads - There Must Be Thousands
The Jam - when You're Young
The Cheetahs - Radio-active
The Ruts - Something That I Said
The Teenbeats - I Can't Control Myself
The Stranglers - Don't Bring Harry
The Barracudas - I Want My Woody Back

CD 3
Xtc - Making Plans for Nigel
The Revillos - Where's the Boy for Me?
The Monochrome Set - the Monochrome Set (Single Version)
Passage - Taking My Time
Swell Maps - Real Shocks
The Zipps - Friends
Disco Zombies - Disco Zombies
The Pack - Number 12
The Human League - Empire State Human
The Wall - Kiss the Mirror
The Mekons - Work All Week
999 - Found out Too Late
The Outcasts - Self Conscious over You
Public Image Ltd - Memories (Single Version)
The Monks - Johnny B Rotten
The Freshies - Children of the World
The Vapors - Prisoners
Madness - Bed and Breakfast Man
Secret Affair - Glory Boys
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Dance Stance (Demo)
The Regents - 7 Teen
The Lurkers - New Guitar in Town
The Boys - Kamikaze
The Carpettes - Easy Way out
Scritti Politti - Messthetics
Spizzenergi - Where's Captain Kirk?
Notsensibles - I'm in Love with Margaret Thatcher
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