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Diverse Kunstnere: Once Upon A Time In The West Midlands - The Bostin Sounds Of Brumrock 1966-1974 (3xCD)

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CD 1
I Must Be Mad - Craig
Security (Extended Version) - the 'n Betweens
Rescue Me - Doc Thomas Group
Life's Not Life - the Moody Blues
Let Me Get by - the Bobcats
Chicken George - Deep Feeling
On the Beach - the Extreem
Baby Get Your Head Screwed on - Double Feature
I Can Hear the Grass Grow - the Move
Say You Don't Mind - Denny Laine
On Time - Capitol Systems
Imposters of Life's Magazine - the Idle Race
No Face, No Name, No Number - Traffic
Moonshine - the Spencer Davis Group
Yellow Rainbow - the Rockin' Berries
Don't Leave Me in the Dark - Young Blood
An Apple a Day - the U-no-who
Nsu - Ideal Milk
Trouble in the Air - Ace Kefford
When the Train Comes Back - Chicken Shack
I Know What Her Name is (Demo Version) - Simon's Secrets
Cherry Wood Green - Just William
Baby I Need You - Giorgio & Marco's men
Yellow Cave Woman - Velvett Fogg
Mr Armageddon (Single Version) - the Locomotive
I've Seen the Light - the Ugly's

CD 2
Daughter of the Sun - the Ace Kefford Stand
Roundabout - the Montanas
Like a Tear - World of Oz
Don't Torture Your Mind - the Exception
Masochists of Strangulation - Jardine
Boredom - Tea & Symphony
The Journey - Gordon Jackson
Big Bear Ffolly - Bakerloo
Candy - Cinnamon Quill
Like Uncle Charlie - the Climax Chicago Blues Band
Imaginations - Revolver
You've Got Your Troubles - the Californians
His Guiding Hand (Single Version) - Medicine Head
Goodbye Mary - Paradox
A Modern Day Fairy Tale - Galliard
It's a Hard Way - Cathedral
Suicide - Trapeze
Dance in the Smoke - Kansas Hook
Ballad of Marmalade Emma and Teddy Grimes - Hard Meat
Donna - Bachdenkel
When You're Dead - the Ghost
Time of the Season - Big Bertha

CD 3
She Said Yes - Fable
Lamp Lighter Man - Sheridan & Price
One Way Hotel - Slade
We're Gonna Change All This - Fred's Box
Reminiscing - Luv Machine
People - Salamander
Brown Girl - Steve Gibbons
Ill Wind - Dave Morgan
Shadow Bright - Ptolomy Psycon
Omnibus - Mail
Disheartened and Disillusioned - Possessed
Talking Progressive Blues - Jimmy Powell
Eve - Jim Capaldi
Dear Elaine - Roy Wood
Ball Park Incident - Wizzard
Roll over Beethoven (Album Version) - the Electric Light Orc
Circus - Fairfield Ski
Just a Day - Ironbridge
The Beast (2021 Remix) - Bedlam
Rocka Rolla - Judas Priest
Bye Bye Birmingham - Blackfoot Sue

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