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Diverse Kunstnere: Night Comes Down: 60 British Mod R&B Freakbeat & Swinging London Nuggets (3xCD)

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CD 1
Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean) - Lita Roza
I Need Your Loving - Ronnie Jones & the Night-timers
Baby, Don't Do It - Laurel Aitken
Taboo Man - Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated
Pills - Mickey Finn & Blue men
Work Song - James Royal
Seventh Son - the Second Thoughts
Comin' Home Baby - the Mark Wirtz Orchestra & Chorus
It's a Lie - Philip Goodhand-tait & the Stormsville Shakers
And I Do Just What I Want - the Bo Street Runners
And My Baby's Gone - the Moody Blues
Like That - Mike Cotton Sound
Gonna Make a Woman of You - a Band of Angels
She's a Girl - the Attraction
It's Alright - the Rocking Vickers
Ready, Steady - the Clockwork Oranges
Can You Hear Me - the Cymbaline
A Tu Vera - the Tomcats
I Ain't Got You - Five's Company
The Snake - Kevin 'king' Lear
Jugger Tea - Oliver Bone
Don't That Beat Them All - Just Five
No Other Baby - Chad & Jeremy
Gotta Get Through to You - Eden Kane
Big Fat Spider - Heinz
You're Gonna Get Your Way - Glenda Collins
What Am I Doing Here with You - Twinkle
Rolling on - Norma Lee
The Other Side of Love - the Caravelles
Time is on My - Four + One

CD 2
Night Comes Down - Mickey Finn
Short Change - Spencer Davis Group
Big Bare Beat - the British Lion Orchestra
Phone Me - Robb and Dean Douglas
My Love - Ronnie Jones
The Society for the Protection of Love - the Stormsville Sha
What's Her Name - Guy Darrell
Count Me out - Kevin 'king' Lear
Can't Stop Talkin' About My Baby - Mike Patto
Soul Serenade - the Mike Cotton Sound
Knock on Wood - Oliver Bone
Just One More Chance - the Outer Limits
Don't Stop Girl - Dominic Grant
When I Think of You - Twiggy
Yeh Yeh - the Mark Wirtz Orchestra & Chorus
That Driving Beat - the Favourite Sons
Blow Up - the in Crowd
Party Line - the Attraction
Arthur Green - Andy Ellison
Cypress (Previously Unissued) - the Truth
Sink or Swim - Circus
She Was Really Saying Something - Doc Thomas Group
Take Me for a Little While - Rusty Harness
Baby and Me - the Hammers
Going Going Gone - Mike Hurst & Mike D'abo
There is - the Shadrocks
Afrodisiac - the Web
Falling in Love with You - the Reaction
East Side 628 - Al Saxon
A Man Needs Love - the Brothers Grimm

CD 3
Girl on a Motorcycle - the British Lion Orchestra
The Eagle Flies on Friday - the Exceptions
London Bridge is Coming Down - the Spectrum
Elevator - Grapefruit
Peacock Dress - Sun Dragon
Looking Towards the Sky - Davey Payne & the Medium Wave
Violin Shop - the Alan Bown
Remember the Times - Mike Stuart Span
Hold on - Rupert's People
Give What You Take (Demo) - the Lomax Alliance
Second Fiddle - the Gnomes of Zurich
I've Got Money - the Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Come and Play with Me in the Garden - John's Children
Fire in the City - the Deviants
Sunshine Superman - Big Jim Sullivan
Tomorrow Never Knows - the Mirage
Flowers Are Flowering (Demo) - the 23rd Turnoff
Mr. Universe - Episode Six
I Don't Mind - Fat Mattress
How Do You Feel - Sounds Incorporated
Infatuation - the Secrets
Call Me Lightning - the Good Vibrations
Mae West - Ken Moule's London Jazz Chamber Group
Pumpkin Mini - Katch 22
Einer Kleiner Miser Musik - Tony Rivers & the Castaways
Thank You Baby for Coming - the Matchmakers
The Meaning of Love - Putney
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