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Diverse Kunstnere: Let The Electric Children Play (3xCD)

Diverse Kunstnere: Let The Electric Children Play (3xCD)
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CD 1
We Can Swing Together - Alan Hull
II B.s. - Circus
Midsummer Night S Happening - the Sallyangie
Light Flight - Pentangle
Billy the Monster - the Deviants
Paint It Black - Jody Grind
Norwegian Wood - Circus
Obadiah S Grave - Alan Hull
Lucifer S Cage - Gordon Giltrap
Once I Had a Sweetheart - Pentangle
Metamorphosis Explosion - the Deviants
Saturday Roundabout Sunday (Single Version) - Th
Makin Time - Little Free Rock
Mona (A Fragment) - Mick Farren
Plastic Shit - Jody Grind

CD 2
All in Your Mind - Stray
Born to Be Free - Marsupilami
We Ve Had It - Jody Grind
Homage to the God of Light - Peter Bardens
Around the World in 80 Days - Stray
Mendle - Mr. Fox
Prelude to the Arena - Marsupilami
Don T Ever Give Up Trying - Unicorn
Reflection - Pentangle
Skin Valley Serenade - Skin Alley

CD 3
Tear Down the Wall - Peter Bardens
Son of the Father - Stray
Don T Count Me out - Gerry Rafferty
Nick S Seven - Skin Alley
Song from the 4th Era - Cmu
A Distant Thought, a Point of Light - Cmu
The Ungodly - Decameron
Fair Fortune S Star - Carolanne Pegg
Move It (Single Version) - Stray
Shelter - Renia
Opening Move - Gryphon
Journey S End - Decameron
Criminal World - Metro
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