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Wolfmother: Victorius (Vinyl)

Wolfmother: Victorius (Vinyl)
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The follow-up to 2009’s Cosmic Egg and 2014’s New Crown, the much-anticipated VICTORIOUS is an electrifying testament to the range and depth of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Andrew Stockdale’s artistry. Recorded at Henson Studios in Los Angeles with 2X Grammy winning producer Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Chris Cornell, Bruce Springsteen), the songs are edgy, inventive and uncompromising and rank among the band’s best ever.

Stockdale began working on the record this past January at his Byron Bay studio in New South Wales, writing on every instrument and embracing the same creative approach he used on the band’s debut album a decade ago.

“Back in the early days, I’d play guitar, bass, and drums and then present the ideas to the band and we’d work on the arrangement together,” he says. “I thought it would be cool to get back to demoing ideas by myself and playing everything. It’s a good way to do things because it can make the style more cohesive.”

In addition to vocals, Stockdale played guitar and bass and brought in Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails, Bruce Springsteen, A Perfect Circle) and Joey Waronker (Air, Beck, REM) to split drum duties.

“We wanted to get back to that big sound,” says Stockdale. “The album is a balance of garage-y energy and big production. It’s wild, energetic and,” he muses, “perfect for a festival main stage.”


1. Wolfmother - The Love That You Give 02:38
2. Wolfmother - Victorious 04:24
3. Wolfmother - Baroness 03:15
4. Wolfmother - Pretty Peggy 03:49
5. Wolfmother - City Lights 03:51
6. Wolfmother - Simple Life 03:12
7. Wolfmother - Best of a Bad Situation 03:07
8. Wolfmother - Gypsy Caravan 03:34
9. Wolfmother - Happy Face 03:31
10. Wolfmother - Eye Of The Beholder 03:59