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White Lies: Five (CD)

White Lies: Five (CD)
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‘There are songs on this album which I would never have dreamed would be possible for us to write 10 years ago,’ says White Lies’ frontman Harry McVeigh.

He’s talking about their new studio album, Five, which drops via PIAS on 1 February, and it’s hard to believe that West London trio have been in the game for so long. Over the last decade, they’ve produced four solid albums veering from from stereoscopic synth-pop to spiky post-punk – all displaying their melodic whims and eclectic motivations. 'Five' promises more of the same astute songwriting and distracted stimuli, but with added bedroom pop and demo daring.

Already out is the songs 'Time to Give', 'Believe It', 'Finish Line' and just released 'Tokyo'. In support of the album White Lies will be on an extensive tour which brings them to Århus and Copenhagen in March.