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Wainwright, Rufus: Unfollow The Rules (2xVinyl)

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UDKOMMER 10/7-20

Wainwright's first pop album since the Mark Ronson produced 2012 album, 'Out of the Game'. 'Unfollow the Rules' is Wainwright's ninth album of original material and features the titel track in which Sarah Jessica Parker performed for the 2018 film, 'Here and Now'.


1. Trouble In Paradise
2. Damsel In Distress
3. Unfollow The Rules
4. You Ain't Big
5. Romantical Man
6. Peaceful Afternoon
7. Only the People That Love
8. This One's For The Ladies (THAT LUNGE!)
9. My Little You
10. Early Morning Madness
11. Hatred
12. Alone Time
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