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Various Artists: This is Trojan Dub (2xCD)

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1. Zion Gate (Dub) by King Tubby & the Aggrovators
2. The Gun Court (Dub) by The Revolutionaries
3. Sipple (Dub) by The Upsetters
4. My Time Version Observer Style by The Observer All Stars
5. I Shave the Barber by Tommy McCook and the Supersonics
6. Blood Dunza (Dub) by Scientist
7. Shine Eye (Dub) by Barrington Levy and The Roots Radics
8. L.S.D. by Sly & The Revolutionaries
9. Merry (Dub) by The Sky Nation
10. Wandering (Dub) by Rupie Edwards All Stars
11. Queen of the Minstrel (Natural Dub) by King Tubby & the Aggrovators
12. Hurting Inside by Marcia Griffiths & The Revolutionaries
13. Roots Train (Dub Number One) by The Upsetters
14. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by The Observers
15. Tracking (Dub) by Tommy McCook and the Supersonics
16. Dark Destroyer (Norwegian Wood Dub) by Prince Jammy & Jackie Mittoo
17. Babylon Wrong (Dub) by The Roots Radics
18. Sufferer's Version by The Sky Nation
19. Forward Home (Dub) by Prince Jammy
20. Opposition (Dub) by The Roots Radics
21. Buckshot (Dub)´by Rupie Edwards All Stars
22. Stalag 17 by King Tubby & The Techniques All Stars
23. Escape Affair by Errol Brown
24. Headline by The Observers
25. Collie (with Jah Thomas) by Sly & The Revolutionaries
26. Babylon Police Thief (Dub) by Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters
27. Goodbye (I've Got to Tell You Goodbye) [Magnificent Dub] by King Tubby & the Aggrovators
28. Won't You Come Home (Dub) by Witty'S All Stars
29. Scientist In Fine Style by The Roots Radics
30. Dub in Dreamland (Dreamland Dub) by Marcia Griffiths & Errol Brown
31. Zinc Fence by The Observers
32. Herb by Sly & The Revolutionaries
33. Tedious (Dub) by The Upsetters
34. Man from Shooters Hill by The Soul Syndicate
35. Concrete Rock by Ansel Collins
36. The Gorgon Speaks by King Tubby & the Aggrovators
37. Rock Me In (Dub) by Linval Thompson
38. Good Woman by Lorna Bennett & The Revolutionaries
39. Dub In Love by The In Crowd
40 .Communist (Dub) by The Roots Radics
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