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Turboweekend: Share My Thunder (CD)

Turboweekend: Share My Thunder (CD)
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Fra Turboweekend:

We're happy to finally announce the release of a new single and a brand new album! Our fourth studio album "Share My Thunder" will be released March 30th 2015.

We are really, really proud of it and it's definitely our most personal album to date. We just can't wait to hear what you all think and feel about it.

About the single "Asking For More":

"Asking For More" was written in a single day, after many weeks of struggle. We almost had a full album but we just couldn't figure out how to finish it. Our booking agency, management and label kept asking us for more and more and then one day we just had enough and answered them back with this song. After that it was like a burden had been lifted and we wrote the last bits of the album in no time. Goes to show how honesty can sometimes be the strongest creative source.
You keep asking for more

Well, I'm all spent.

Picking up the bits down on the floor

You keep telling me no

That's not what you meant

You need something else to make your heart go


1 Asking For More
2 Disco To Disco
3 Moving On
4 Levitate
5 Miles and Miles
6 Party On the Edge of the World
7 Another Woman's Man
8 Waiting For the Storm
9 Better Than I Am
10 Good Luck In Barcelona
11 Share My Thunder