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Timberlake, Justin: The Book Of Love - Soundtrack (CD)

Timberlake, Justin: The Book Of Love - Soundtrack (CD)
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Together with Mitchell Owens, Justin Timberlake composed the orchestral film. His debut composition is nothing but amazing. Justin takes you on a minimalistic reflective trip. The score is emotionally driven and shows pure honesty, which is the most supreme form in which an artist can express himself.

The Book Of Love tells the story of an introverted architect named Henry. After the death of his wife in a car accident, he sets out to help Millie, a homeless teen, to build a raft to sail across the Atlantic.


1 One of Those Stories
2 Temerity
3 So
4 It's Just Its Nature
5 She Likes the Rain
6 I Designed It
7 T-Bup
8 The Shit
9 That We Matter
10 Pajamas
11 I'm Sorry
12 The Journal
13 Wink and a Mug
14 The Detritus
15 As Dreamers Do
16 The Munchies
17 As Dreamers Still Do
18 It's a Raft
19 Treads
20 The Ballad of David Pearlman
21 Who Was That?
22 A Phenomena
23 The Whole World is Crazy
24 Now We Just Need Some Help
25 Really Something
26 Like a Hurricane
27 She Was...
28 The People That Left a Mark
29 The Shadowboxers - the Book of Love
30 We'll Make It
31 It's Just Our Story
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