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Nico: Femme Fatale (2xVinyl)

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One of the most fascinating figures of rock's fringes, Nico hobnobbed, worked, and was romantically linked with an incredible assortment of the most legendary entertainers of the '60s. The paradox of her career was that she herself never attained the fame of her peers, pursuing a distinctly individualistic and uncompromising musical career that was uncommercial, but wholly admirable and influential. Nico first rose to fame as a European supermodel, also landing a bit part in Fellini's La Dolce Vita film and giving birth to a son by Alain Delon. In 1965, she attracted the attention of Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham, who gave her a chance to record for his Immediate label, though the resulting single, which also featured Brian Jones and Jimmy Page on guitars, flopped.

Her best and most iconic recordings. Includes notes by author Nina Antonia. Recorded by legendary Joy Division producer Martin Hannett


A1 All Tomorrow's Parties
A2 Procession
A3 Frozen Warnings
A4 Saeta

B1 Purple Lips
B2 These Days
B3 I'll Keep It With Mine
B4 The Sphinx
B5 Procession

C1 Sixty/Forty
C2 Heroes
C3 Femme Fatale

D1 I'm Waiting For The Man
D2 König
D3 Orly Flight
D4 Secret Side
D5 Femme Fatale
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