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Major Lazer: Peace Is The Mission

Major Lazer: Peace Is The Mission
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The year is 2069. After years of travel across the galaxy Major Lazer has returned to Earth from histriumphant interstellar campaign against his mentor-turned-arch-nemesis General Rubbish.

Thevictory rings hollow, though–there is something he left out among the stars that he can never replace.

The world he’s come back to is missing something too: unity. In his absence Earth has beentransformed into a worldwide maelstrom of conflicting armies, gangs, cults, and crews. The Fearless Hyenas, the Deathless Lovers, the Pitch Black Knights of the Inner Wild–a multitude of factions, each of them sworn enemies of every other.

Having proven himself adept at the art of war, Major Lazer has dedicated himself now to becoming achampion of peace. With help from a squad of anarcho-pacifist hackers, he’s taken control of a topsecret network of military satellites and repurposed it into a global sound system to broadcast arighteous dub designed to unite the tribes of Earth and overthrow those who have thrown them intodisarray for their own personal gain. Peace is the mission, and the fate of the world depends on itssuccess.

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