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Lamb: 5

Lamb: 5
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In 2009 the original plan for Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow of Lamb was to play a handful of summer festivals. A year and a half and 33 shows later, they’ve recorded a new album: “5”.
Eight years after “Between Darkness And Wonder” the inspirational fires have been rekindled and we get to reap the benefits of Lamb’s creative reawakening. The juxtaposition of beat driven programming submerged by an electronic framework and poetry set to transcendental singer/songwriter melodies is still at the heart of their sound, but the (solo) experiences of the past few years have added greater depth & strength to their sound.

A welcome and warranted comeback, culminating in a fascinating duet with Damien Rice!

1. Another Language
2. Butterfly Effect
3. Build A Fire
4. Wise Enough
5. Existential Itch
6. Strong The Root
7. Rounds
8. She Walks
9. Last Night The Sky
10. The Spectacle
11. Back To Beginning (featuring Damien Rice)