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Kids See Ghosts: Kids See Ghosts (Vinyl)

Kids See Ghosts: Kids See Ghosts (Vinyl)
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THE LONG-AWAITED COLLABORATIVE ALBUM BETWEEN KANYE WEST & KID CUDI, aka Kids See Ghosts, came as the third release of a series of 5 LPs executively produced by 'Ye. The first drop, Pusha T's excellent DAYTONA, cooked up some beef between the Clipse member & Drake, and ye was a spectacle, w/ good music, much like Mr. West had been leading up to his 8th full-length. Kids See Ghosts is perhaps the strongest of the GOOD 2018 batch, where Kanye & Cudi, envelope pushers in their own rights, play off of and build on each other's strengths. Both have struggled with mental issues, and their mentor-protege relationship had been tested over brash social media posts & impassioned on-stage rants. Now, they seem to be at more level places, and the rappers are able to let their natural chemistry flourish. Kanye's production is undeniable, as he leverages his sampling chops over pulsating rhythms. His verses are confessional and at times confrontational, while Cudi, the lonely, paranoid cult fav that he is, brings emotional & melodic depth. One again, the brevity of the project is a plus, and the tracks flow from one to the next with ease, as if the 7 songs were one extended track. Check out "Fire," "4th Dimension," "Reborn," "Cudi Montage," and "Fire." Artwork by Takashi Murakami.


1. Feel the Love
2. Fire
3. 4th Dimension
4. Freee (Ghost Town, Pt. 2)
5. Reborn
6. Kids See Ghosts
7. Cudi Montage