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Khalid: Free Spirit (2xVinyl)

Khalid: Free Spirit (2xVinyl)
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Sophomore album ‘Free Spirit’ by American singer Khalid will is the much-anticipated follow-up to his acclaimed 2017 debut American Teen.

“I’ve written these songs all over the world — in hotel rooms, tour buses, backstage,” the El Paso, Texas singer said. “I’ve learned how to talk about my anxieties in music,” he says. “A lot of people my age are struggling with being themselves in the world. I want to let them know I feel the same things.”


1. Intro
2. Bad Luck
3. My Bad
4. Better
5. Talk
6. Right Back
7. Don't Pretend
8. Paradise
9. Hundred
10. Outta My Head (Ft. John Mayer)
11. Free Spirit
12. Twenty One
13. Bluffin'
14. Self
15. Alive
16. Heaven
17. Saturday Nights (Bonus Track)
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