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House Of Marley: Smile Jamaica BT In-Ear Headphones Signature Black

House Of Marley: Smile Jamaica BT In-Ear Headphones Signature Black
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Bluetooth wireless connectivity: Using 4.2 BT profile pairing is fast and easy, phones and other BT enabled music devices are quickly and easily recognized

• Wireless three button controls: Allows for media control without touching your device; main functions include answering or rejecting calls, adjust volume; media play, pause, rewind fast forward and mute; noise isolating in-line microphone: Allows your caller to hear more of your voice vs the ambient or background noise

• Enhanced battery life: Up to 8 hours of music playtime from a single charge; industry standard micro USB allows for a convenient and quick charge; full charge achieved in only 8 hours

• Device compatibility: All Marley BT devices undergo rigorous testing to ensure devices compatibility; adhering to the industry standards set by Bluetooth SIG

• Ear Gels: Utilizing REGRIND silicone, Ear gels offer lasting comfort as the silicone gently conforms to the shape of your ear as well as knowing it is sustainable; REGRIND silicone is a proprietary blend of post waste silicone (ground down to small particles) and virgin silicone; REGRIND silicone is durable yet extremely soft and does not produce the initial cold shock given by typical white plastic pods

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