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Gallagher, Rory: Blues Dlx. (3xCD)

Gallagher, Rory: Blues Dlx. (3xCD)
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CD 1
Don't Start Me Talkin' (Unreleased Track from the Jinx Album
Nothin' but the Devil (Unreleased Track from the Against the
Tore Down (Unreleased Track from the Blueprint Album Session
Off the Handle (Unreleased Session Paul Jones Show Bbc Radio
I Could've Had Religion (Unreleased Wncr Cleveland Radio Ses
As the Crow Flies (Unreleased Track from Tattoo Album Sessio
A Million Miles Away (Unreleased Bbc Radio 1 Session 1973)
Should've Learnt My Lesson (Outtake from Deuce Album Session
Leaving Town Blues (Tribute Track from Peter Green 'rattlesn
Drop Down Baby (Rory Guest Guitar on Lonnie Donegan's "Putti
I'm Ready (Guest Guitarist on Muddy Waters 'london Sessions'
Bullfrog Blues (Unreleased Wncr Cleveland Radio Session from

CD 2
Who's That Coming (Acoustic Outtake from Tattoo Album Sessio
Should've Learnt My Lesson (Acoustic Outtake from Deuce Albu
Prison Blues (Unreleased Track from Blueprint Album Sessions
Secret Agent (Unreleased Acoustic Version from Rte Irish TV
Blow Wind Blow (Unreleased Wncr Cleveland Radio Session from
Bankers Blues (Outtake from the Blueprint Album Sessions 197
Whole Lot of People (Acoustic Outtake from Deuce Album Sessi
Loanshark Blues (Unreleased Acoustic Version from German TV
Pistol Slapper Blues (Unreleased Acoustic Version from Irish
Can't Be Satisfied (Unreleased Radio Ffn Session from 1992)
Want Ad Blues (Unreleased Rte Radio Two Dave Fanning Session
Walkin' Blues (Unreleased Acoustic Version from Rte Irish TV

CD 3
When My Baby She Left Me (Unreleased Track from Glasgow Apol
Nothin' but the Devil (Unreleased Track from Glasgow Apollo
What in the World (Unreleased Track from Glasgow Apollo Conc
I Wonder Who (Unreleased Live Track from Late 1980s)
Messin' with the Kid (Unreleased Track from Sheffield City H
Tore Down (Unreleased Track from Newcastle City Hall Concert
Garbage Man Blues (Unreleased Track from Sheffield City Hall
All Around Man (Unreleased Track from Bbc Ogwt Special 1976)
Born Under a Bad Sign (Unreleased Track from Rockpalast 1991
You Upset Me (Unreleased Guest Performance from Albert King
Comin' Home Baby (Unreleased Track from 1989 Concert with Ch
Rory Talking Blues (Interview Track of Rory Talking About Th
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