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Foo Fighters: Highways & Holidays (2xDVD)

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While it s hard to believe that Foo Fighters formed, following the tragic death of Kurt Cobain, more than 20 years ago, during those two decades they have become one of the most respected and profound rock groups to come out of the US since records began! And while Dave Grohl and his merry men continue to release stronger and stronger material with every new album and continue to amaze every audience at live show after live show, the main-man in the pack is still referred to in almost all quarters as one of the most decent men in the industry. This double DVD set investigates and documents the life and music of Grohl and the Foos, and with the help of live footage, rarely seen interviews with all members past and present, and contributions from those who have worked with and alongside the band, reveals more about this incredible collective and the sound that they make than has ever previously been unearthed. Completed in limited edition, full colour panel-book style packaging, this set is also destined to become a top drawer Foo Fighters collectable

Region: All Regions

Sprog: English

Runtime: 174 min.
Varenr.: B00RZXWV5M