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Elbow: The Take Off and Landing of Everything (2xVinyl)

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Originally recorded with the working title of All at Once and then renamed Carry Her, Carry Me, the band changed their mind shortly before the album’s release and settled on naming the album after one of its tracks, with singer Guy Garvey explaining, “It’s to do with the fact that there have been so many life events. There are five members of the band—people have split up, got together, had children. It never stops, this stuff. Especially round the 40 mark... and yet I wanted to remain celebratory about that. Everybody’s feeling relief, with remorse, next to joy, next to loss.”


LP 1
This Blue World
Fly Boy Blue / Lunette
New York Morning

LP 2
Real Life (Angel)
Honey Sun
My Sad Captains
Colour Fields
The Take off and Landing of Everything
The Blanket of Night
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