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Dead Gaze: Dead Gaze (Vinyl)

Dead Gaze: Dead Gaze (Vinyl)
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R. Cole Furlow fronts Dead Gaze, a skuzzy but very poppy lo-fi band out of Mississippi. In 2010, after Dead Gaze's first cassette release, End of Days, Why Not You on Mirror Universe, the group released a split with Gray Things on Clan Destine. The same year, they also released a two-song 7" single on Fire Talk Records, which found them moving from their early Flaming Lips sound in a chillwave direction with drum machines and synthesizers.


1 Remember What Brought Us Here
2 You'll Carry On Real Nice
3 This Big World
4 Future Loves and Sing Abouts
5 Glory Days for Sure
6 Back and Forth
7 Take Me Home Or I Die Alone
8 I Found the Ending
9 A Simple Man
10 There's a Time to Be Stupid
11 Fishing With Robert
12 Fight Til It's Dead
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