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Black Sabbath: Vol. 4 Super Dlx. (4xCD)

Black Sabbath: Vol. 4 Super Dlx. (4xCD)
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Super deluxe edition of the classic 1972 Black Sabbath album. Both the 4CD and 5LP formats include: six previously unreleased studio outtakes on the second disc of both sets, eleven additional studio recordings that spotlight alternative takes, false starts and snippets of studio dialogue, remixed by Steven Wilson and including several alternative takes for 'Wheels of Confusion' as well as outtakes for 'The Straightener' and 'Snowblind'. These are contained within CD3 of the CD box and are spread across LPs two and three in the vinyl set. Finally, the last CD (or LPs four and five) bring together live recordings of the era, recreating a typical setlist from Black Sabbath's tour for 'Vol. 4'.


Disc 1
Wheels of Confusion 8.14
Tomorrow's Dream 3.12
Changes 4.46
FX 1.43
Supernaut 4.45
Snowblind 5.31
Cornucopia 3.54
Laguna Sunrise 2.53
St. Vitus Dance 2.29
Under the Sun 5.50

Disc 2
Wheels of Confusion/The Straightener (Outtake)
Changes (Outtake)
Supernaut (Outtake)
Snowblind (Outtake)
Laguna Sunrise (Outtake)
Under the Sun (Instrumental)

Disc 3
Wheels of Confusion (False Start With Studio Dialogue)
Wheels of Confusion (Alternative Take 1)
Wheels of Confusion (Alternative Take 2)
Wheels of Confusion (Alternative Take 3)
Wheels of Confusion (Alternative Take 4)
The Straightener (Outtake)
Supernaut (Outtake)
Supernaut (Alternative Takes With False Starts)
Snowblind (Alternative Take 1 - Incomplete)
Under the Sun (False Start With Studio Dialogue)
Under the Sun (Alternative Take With Guide Vocal)

Disc 4
Tomorrow's Dream
Sweet Leaf
War Pigs
Killing Yourself to Live
Wicked World (Including Excerpts Of: Guitar Solo/Orchid/Into the Void/Sometimes I'm Happy)
Supernaut/Drum Solo
Wicked World (Reprise)
Children of the Grave