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Band Of Horses: Things Are Great (Vinyl)

Band Of Horses: Things Are Great (Vinyl)
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It’s been quite a few years (five to be exact) since Band of Horses had new music. Now, the newly configured band announced their sixth studio album, Things Are Great, which is out on January 21.

“I think like a lot of my songs, ‘Crutch’ starts with something from my real life,” band founder Ben Bridwell said. “Obviously ‘Crutch’ means some of the things that I was dependent on. My relationship for one. I think I wanted to say, ‘I’ve got a crush on you,’ and I thought it was funny how relationships also feel like crutches. I feel like everybody has had a time when nothing goes right and you still have to carry on. I think that feeling hits you in this song even if you don’t know what the specifics are.”

Bridwell produced or co-produced every track on the upcoming album, and for the first time he collaborated with engineer Wolfgang “Wolfie” Zimmerman. More autobiographical than ever, the band reveals their personal experiences before and during the pandemic, and plights faced with relationship changes over the last few years.


Warning Signs
Tragedy of the Commons
In The Hard Times
In Need of Repair
Ice Night We’re Having
You Are Nice To Me

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