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Stereophonics: Scream Above The Sounds (Vinyl)

Stereophonics: Scream Above The Sounds (Vinyl)
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When ‘Scream Above The Sounds’ first started to take shape, frontman Kelly Jones began to write “big, anthemic songs” that deliver a positive message in a time full of unrelenting negative news. A strident melodic rush in the finest of Stereophonic traditions, ‘Caught By The Wind’ is the most striking example of that approach, but the whole collection is permeated with positivity. “Every song offers a sense of release,” he continues. “Even when there’s nostalgia, fear or anxiety, they’re still all offering hope and room to manoeuvre.”

‘Caught By The Wind’ has been launched alongside a dynamic performance video which was directed by Joe Connor (Coldplay, The Maccabees, Elbow).

‘Caught By The Wind’ is the opening track on ‘Scream Above The Sounds’ which was primarily recorded in the band’s HQ in west London with a further session at RAK Studios. Created with the help of regular collaborator Jim Lowe, it’s an album in which creative sonic touches add to the band’s emphasis on songwriting and melody.

Their tenth studio album, ‘Scream Above The Sounds’ follows ‘Keep The Village Alive’ which went straight to #1 when it was released in 2015 – their sixth chart-topper after ‘Performance and Cocktails’ (1999), ‘Just Enough Education To Perform’ (2001) ‘You Gotta Go There To Come Back’ (2003), ‘Language. Sex. Violence. Other?’ (2005) and ‘Pull The Pin’ (2007).