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Satyricon: Satyricon

Norwegian black metal masters Satyricon certainly delivered something extraordinary. For their long and illustrious career, they have always been the front runners for the genre they helped create and most definitely defined. And with their latest album, simple titled “Satyricon”, they have managed to do it yet again.

Heavy, intense, epic, challenging, This album is filled with them all. The song 'Phoenix', being the perfect example. Featuring Sivert Høyem, former vocalist of Norway's celebrated indie act Madrugada, or more specifically the song Satyr wrote for Sivert Høyem, you probably wouldn't even call it black metal. But only if you fall into a trap of attributing genres according to musical formulas - which since the beginning hasn't been Satyricon's game. The song is a typical example of how hunger and instinct guided Satyr: He simply sat in front of his TV when Sivert performed one of his songs, he heard and he knew - and he made it happen. Don't ask for reasons, because black metal doesn't follow reason and shouldn't follow rules.

Track Listing:

Voice of Shadows
Tro og Kraft
Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
Nocturnal Flare
Walker Upon The Wind
Ageless Northern Spirit
The Infinity of Time and Space
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