Primal Scream: More Light (Vinyl)

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Primal Scream: More Light (Vinyl)

Primal Scream return May 15th with one of the year'ʹs most eagerly awaited albums; ‘More Light'ʹ, out on the band'ʹs own First International label through Ignition Records. An adventurous, 13-­‐‑track collection of new songs -­‐‑ and the band'ʹs first LP in five years -­‐‑ ‘More Light'ʹ was written by Bobby Gillespie and Andrew Innes and produced by David Holmes. It features guest appearances from Robert Plant, Kevin Shields, The Pop Group'ʹs Mark Stewart and Jason Faulkner.

Bobby Gillespie says: “I wanted to convey coming out of a dark time and into a good one...We always knew it wasn'ʹt going to be a straight ahead, balls to the wall, high energy rock ‘n'ʹ roll, two guitars, bass and drum record. It'ʹs sophisticated, layered, cinematic and orchestral; obviously working with Holmes we were hoping to make a record more in keeping with that vision."

‘More Light' was recorded at Das Bunker, London and Vox Studios, LA and mixed by Rich Costey at Eldorado Recording Studios in LA.

It'ʹs the follow-­‐‑up to 2008'ʹs ‘Beautiful Future'ʹ.
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