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Minogue, Kylie: Fever Ltd. (Cassette)

Minogue, Kylie: Fever Ltd. (Cassette)
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UDKOMMER 19-11-2021

A special 20th Anniversary Limited-Edition of the album will be released on white vinyl with a unique print; A recycled frosted clear cassette format will be available on November 19th.

The album, originally released on October 1, 2001, heralded an especially buoyant phase of Kylie’s career. The massive global success of the genre-defining lead single “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” meant that expectations for Fever were particularly high and the reception to the album was ecstatic.

Fever immediately topped the charts in five countries, including the UK and Kylie’s native Australia. It also achieved huge success in the USA, where it reached No 3 in the Billboard chart; eventually it would be certified 5x platinum in the UK and 7x platinum in Australia. It also won Best International Album at the 2002 Brit awards.

1. More More More
2. Love At First Sight
3. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
4. Fever
5. Give It To Me
6. Fragile
7. Come Into My World
8. In Your Eyes
9. Dancefloor
10. Love Affair
11. Your Love
12. Burning Up
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