Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler: This Is Christmas

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Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler: This Is Christmas

Emmy The Great & Ash frontman Tim Wheeler will team up to release a Christmas album. “This Is Christmas”, comprising nine self-penned songs + a Phil Spector cover.

Last December Emmy and Tim found themselves holed up in snow bound Sussex. Having missed 6 flights between them and bored of building snowmen, the two hit upon the idea of writing a Christmas album.

“I’m a sucker for all kinds of Christmas songs from carols to Nat King Cole to 70’s glam rock classics and 80’s guilty pleasures” admits Tim “and it felt like a good time to contribute something new to the genre”.

Taking the name ‘Sleigher’ (oh yes), the duo started penning the first of these songs which included dedications to Mrs Christmas - “she must sit at home on Xmas Eve seething, ‘cos she’s on her own again”; an ode to that long lost love you only see in the festive season - Home For The Holidays and Sleigh Me, the first song Emmy and Tim have written together and “probably (says Emmy) my favourite on the record”.

01 This Is Christmas Intro
02 Marshmallow World
03 Snowflakes
04 Christmas Moon
05 Christmas Day (I Wish I Was Surfing)
06 (Don't Call Me) Mrs. Christmas
07 Home For The Holidays
08 Zombie Christmas
09 Sleigh Me
10 Jesus The Reindeer
11 See You Next Year
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