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Death Angel: The Bastard Tracks Ltd. (CD+Blu-ray)

Death Angel: The Bastard Tracks Ltd. (CD+Blu-ray)
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UDKOMMER 26-11-2021

The Bastard Tracks…the deep cuts of an album. The songs you don’t hear often when you go to see your favorite bands live, although they may be among some of your personal favorite tracks! Well, Death Angel wanted to do something about that!


1. Lord Of Hate (Live)
2. Where They Lay (Live)
3. Why You Do This (Live)
4. Fallen (Live)
5. Absence Of Light (Live)
6. The Organization (Live)
7. Execution / Don’t Save Me (Live)
8. Succubus (Live)
9. It Can’t Be This (Live)
10. Let The Pieces Fall (Live)
11. Faded Remains (Live)
12. Volcanic (Live)
13. Falling Off The Edge Of The World (Live)
14. Guilty Of Innocence (Live)
15. Alive And Screaming (Live)

1. Opening
2. Bastard Tracks Commentary
3. Where They Lay Commentary
4. Why You Do This Commentary
5. Lord Of Hate Commentary
6. Lord Of Hate (Live)
7. Where They Lay (Live)
8. Why You Do This (Live)
9. Absence Of Light Commentary
10. The Organization Commentary
11. Fallen Commentary
12. Fallen (Live)
13. Absence Of Light (Live)
14. The Organization (Live)
15. Succubus Commentary
16. Execution / Don’t Save Me Commentary
17. Execution / Don’t Save Me (Live)
18. Succubus (Live)
19. Let The Pieces Fall Commentary
20. It Can’t Be This Commentary
21. It Can’t Be This (Live)
22. Let The Pieces Fall (Live)
23. Faded Remains Commentary
24. Faded Remains (Live)
25. Volcanic Commentary
26. Volcanic (Live)
27. Alive And Screaming Commentary
28. Guilty Of Innocence Commentary
29. Guilty Of Innocence (Live)
30. Alive And Screaming (Live)