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'77 - The Year Of Punk And New Wave

\'77 - The Year Of Punk And New Wave
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1977. When those two sevens clashed, the fuse was lit to a musical and cultural revolution. 1977 has become mythical - the only single year in the history of rock 'n' roll that has ever come to specifically designate a certain musical sound and movement.

1977 was the year when the British punk scene went overground. The first punk album, The Damned's debut, was released that February while era-defining singles by the Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Jam followed. There were also records by the next division like Sham 69 and Tom Robinson as well as releases by lesser but fondly-cherished groups such as The Cortinas, Eater, The Lurkers, Chelsea and many more.

'77 - The Year Of Punk And New Wave is a detailed and comprehensively illustrated history of all the 200+ UK and Irish punk and new wave artists who released a record or appeared on a compilation in 1977. A complete document of the myriad punk groups that were thriving before punk's revolutionary fire began to burn out.

Udgivet på: 09/12/2005
Format: Historie
Længde: 384 sider
Sprog: Engelsk
Forlag: Helter Skelter
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